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I am Andrea! I am currently a senior at Texas State. I am a double major in Journalism and Communication Design. These two areas are my passion combined. I am a constantly curious thinker and lover of art, design, and adventures. I love to find design inspiration for my own projects in everyday little things. There are so many ways to design, but one of my favorite parts is seeing the evolution of the process to final product and the evolution of design over time. Similar to journalism, design is something that will always be around us.

My passion for design began while in highschool. I joined the yearbook staff and was an Editor-in-Chief for my junior and senior year. Attending workshops and competitions was a window into what others were doing around me but also the begining of learning how to network with professionals in the Journalism world. At these workshops, I often further developed my theme for the book and worked with my staff on ideas for content throughout the book for the year. I loved the creative freedom of yearbook. It taught me a multitude of real life lessons that I still use today. I realized early on that I wouldn't be able to let go of designing. It was my favorite part besides editing, writing and interviewing. I spent probably very easily around 8-9 hrs a day in the yearbook room my junior and senior year. It was so easy to loose track of the time. I loved it.

After I graduate from Texas State I hope to get a job in the design field at a company in New York. I wouldn't mind having a job that allowed me to travel as well. I am always up for an adventure and an opportunity to grow. After being in the field for a couple of years I would then like to be a teacher and just do freelance design. I hope to bring a network back into the classroom with me and inspire the next generation of designers and journalists.

Let's design, email me: andrea.raines27@gmail.com