“Creativity is Intellegence having fun”-Albert Einstein

vintage packaging

a layered mixed media project

This project we found packaging in the form of a 3d object. Then photographed the item and created 4 compositions based on forms in space. We created the images in photoshop using principles of design to make the final outcome. It was printed and mounted.

form and space

this is a circular motion watercolor painting

This project was about forming a concept based on forms. I chose to do deforestation as my concept. I developed the final images through iterations of sketches and roughs. The final outcome for this project was rendered in ink, printed and mounted.

House of Harvey
content in form

pattern watercolor piece

I created this project based upon the after effects of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, using my aunts house that was flooded. I created this project 6months after Harvey. My aunt's house was not the only one in her neighborhood that was framework of the house they lived in. The final outcome is rendered in ink, printed and mounted.

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