“creativity takes courage”- Henri Matisse

Into the Lens
tints & tones

water color abstract art camera

This is a monochromatic watercolor piece. I completed this project in a color theory class using mostly a wet-in-wet technique. We mixed tints and tones of the main color hue we picked. I chose to use blue because it is my favorite color. This project solidified my interest in watercolor, it is my favorite medium to paint in.

vertigo feelings

this is a circular motion watercolor painting

This project was the begining stages of an artist influenced piece from Wassily Kandinsky. I plan to overlay ojects into it as an abstraction style Kandinsky uses. However, for my own collection, it describes perfectly to me how my mind feels dealing with vertigo daily. It is a mess, and in some areas clouded and unable to focus on what I need to do, it is exhausting and doesn't have an end much like this piece there is no real endpoint.

Interpative Pattens
pastels & highlights

pattern watercolor piece

I created this project using a book based off of something I was interested in, patterns. I wanted a fun compostiion and something that could not be repetitive all over but instead on the inside shapes. I found a pattern I liked and split it half. The interepretation of images of what it could be, I left up to the viewer.