“Creative isn't the way I think, it's the way I like to live.”-Paul Sandip

Get Inspired
there is inspiration all around

writing sample

This writing sample was a blog post I did in Fundamentals of Digital Media class. I made my blog about art and design, as I was going I did a post about staying inspired and how to get unstuck. As probably at that point in that semester I had to figure that out myself too.

Book Design
typography & layout design

this is a circular motion watercolor painting

I created this project was a collaborated class recipe book project. Everyone created a spread layout for the book. I was part of the editorial board and designed the Table of Contents as well as copy editing the book. It was created using indesign, printed, binded. In book design the possibilities are almost endless. There are a few boundaries when you get to the printer stage. It is my favorite thing to design. Having the options of paper type, binding, color, stylesheet, theme, consistency, and layout designing cover to cover and all the little details in between is just pure fun to me. I hope to be able to work in publication design with a magazine company, that would be amazing.

Then & Now

1st page second page third page last page

I created this project was a part of an analytical research project in Editing class based on print magazines. The evolution of Print in Journalism through the comparison of two magazines. I chose to use this research paper to talk about not only journalism's evolution in pirnt but how design has played into that through principles and the technology we use today. Both Journalism and design will never truly die, they will only continue to evolve.